cathedral astrological clock

- in Nyheter

In Lund’s cathedral there is a clock.  Not just any clock, but an old (medieval?) astrological clock standing higher than most of the ceilings in student housing.  It is well painted and still works, telling the day and zodiac sign of the year.  It also plays a little song twice a day, Mon-Sat 12 & 15 hr and Son 13 & 15 hr.  Me and my visiting friend had made sure to explore the nave, crypt, and temporary sculpture exhibits before hurrying five minutes before 15.00 to get front row seats.  The tension built as more and more people joined us, and I dreaded the inevitable physical spasm when the sudden clanging and loud old mechanics of this beautiful and ancient clock spun and whirred and clicked into life.  I didn’t wasn’t startled, however, because a cathedral flunky must actually turn on the clock.  The song ended about two minutes later, after the procession of wise men bearing gifts traipsed past the Madonna and child.  It was a big letdown after all the waiting and excitement, since I’ve tried to see it before but never managed to be on time.  BUT you should still see it anyways so you can complain about it from your own experience.