Lunch Punsch

- in Nyheter

Today a Swedish friend invited me to a traditional Swedish pea soup and pancake lunch at a medical student commune/coop in a

beautiful building on the outskirts of the ’Professor’s neighborhood’ near the botanical garden that must’ve housed a rich old family at one point.  Anyhow, we had to pay 10 extra kronor since we are not medical students, but it was only 45 kr in the end including a small glass of Swedish punsch.  The similar spelling on the menu board lead me to believe that it was similar to American punch, a

nice mix of juices with sliced fruit and ice cubes- very refreshing on a sunny day!   With a bizarre feeling of accomplishment  I grasped my glass of punsch- another special Swedish tradition sampled, check!  Finally my brain woke up and noticed that my glass was actually a shot glass.  I checked with my friend again, asking exactly what it is and he said, ”oh, it’s a special Swedish dessert drink.

It’s only 20% alcohol.”   WHAT?!?!   Sometimes I’m glad I’m a foreigner here so that when I do stupid things I have an excuse.  Luckily I do not get the Asian glow with one drink.  Wiki more info: