Xtreme Hair cut… no!

- in Nyheter

I had an appointment to get my hair cut, maybe in an extreme style…  BUT when I went to the stylists place by southern tip of LTH there was a crappy little sign on the window saying that they were closed for repairs.  As I assume when abroad, I thought for a second that I had been ripped off (the phone reservation was only 10 kr but that’s how account fraudsters accumulate a trillion pennies).  So I called the  salon and they said they had moved, great, thanks, yet there had been no sign on the door.  WTF!  I had a busy day, a lunch date with a friend that was leaving Lund and a meeting at 2.  She told me where it was and I went home hoping it was somewhere close.  At that point I would only have 20 min for the haircut, so I called to cancel.  The lesson is here, they should put a big notice on the website AND the storefront that they had moved, god so incompetent!   Sometimes I get really angry at how things work here- hopefully I will be more peaceful/less disturbed when I get back to the US.  Maybe the stress and subtle alienation are getting to me at last.