Feminist Haircut

- in Nyheter

I got a feminist haircut on Sunday.  It wasn’t one of those crazy shaved sides one that are common among gender studies people (although I do like them).  I woke up late Sunday morning and because I didn’t have glasses on or contacts in I didn’t notice the people outside our kitchen window at first.  My friend and I made pancakes, ate them and were making tea when I saw a funny scene outside.  There were two ladies out there with a shopping from which they had unpacked various scissors, a stool, two chairs, etc.   Forgetting my hangover lethargy I leaned out the window and said, ”Hi, what are you doing,” trying not to sound hostile.

It turned out that they were one of many small groups scattered around Lund for the weekend’s Feminist Festival.  I watched as one girl finished another girl’s hair and it looked good so I asked if they charged and if they cut other people’s hair.  They said no and yes so I went down and made good conversation with them as they used those toothy layering scissors to push my unruly hair into a better shape.  They were really good and I am so happy I reached my head out that window!