Working on my plan B

- in Column, Krönikor

When I plan things I seldom plan for what might go wrong. I always envision everything going smoothly, so when things don’t quite work out I’m left with no plan B. Due to a number of events in the past month I think it is time that I reassess the way I make my travel schedules.

For the past month the need for a plan B has become crucial due to a number of unexpected events. Food poisoning has by far been the most frequent culprit, it’s latest victim is currently in the Intensive Care Unit in Tokyo under the supervision of two nurses and a doctor. Instead of studying, I’ve been commuting back and forth from the hospital and spending hours on the phone talking to emergency contacts and travel insurance companies. Studying may not always be fun but I can reassure you that it’s much more enjoyable than using Google translate to communicate with Japanese doctors or telling your friend’s closest network that their mate’s life is in danger. It’s always been my mantra that school goes before all else but when it comes to situations like these, school suddenly becomes the least of my priorities.

Since my travel plans have completely changed due to this event I need to come up with a plan B that works for my current situation. Trading my study quarters from trendy cafes to hospital waiting rooms might not be the most ideal but it will have to suffice for the time being. What also needs reassessing besides my travel itinerary is my study schedule. The day before all of this happened I got my first ever F, which isn’t too bad when there is an easy way to make up for the grade, but I think it stings more just because it’s my first.  

I was told the next day that I’d booked the hostel for the wrong month

I guess all the minor and major mishaps have made me a bit out of focus. For example, when I arrived in Seoul two weeks ago I was surprised that I hadn’t received any passcodes by email to get in to the hostel after reception hours. To my great luck, a hostel guest who was still awake at that ghastly hour was able to let me in. I didn’t know what bed number I had due to the lack of information so I proceeded to fall asleep on the couch in the common room in hopes of being able to check into the hostel in the morning. Just like my first ever F, I was told the next day that I’d booked the hostel for the wrong month, a first time occurrence on my part. All was resolved eventually and after some negotiation over a cup of coffee I got a bed for the night. This just reinforced the second mantra that I live by: it all works out in the end.  

Although it would be great to welcome a plan B into my life, an updated plan A has been working out just fine for me.