Sydskanska lunch

- in Nyheter

Today I made the largest kladdkaker in THE WORLD. and didn’t overcook it!!  I was one of five student volunteers at my nation’s (Sydskanska) lunch, and we prepared and served food to 100 hungry students.  Some nations here serve lunch every day or once a week, but Sydskanska only serves every other Friday.  It was satisfying making food for so many people and having everything work smoothly and taste tasty, though it was hard work and I suffered a minor burn from a hot pan.  By the time we finished cleaning, around 2:30pm, it looked like I had roled in the dirt, since my apron and chef shirt (styling to the max! haha) was covered with brown kladdkaker batter!  But my sleeves were relatively clean, so according to some saying I am a god cook.  (though that is disputable, haha)  The lunch is so cheap- the general running price is 35 kroner (~$5) and you get a plate of food, dessert, and coffee!  A great deal, and close to the academic buildings!!  Washing dishes wasn’t even that bad because there is an industrial dish washer that cleans a rack of dishes in literally two or three minutes!!  Why don’t they install these in private homes!?!?!   Anyways, it was a good way to start Friday morning, we got to control the music, eat for free, see the back room in the nation (which i’ve always been curious about) so check it out if you’ve got too much free time of your hands and want to meet and eat together with some new faces.