colors vs. Swedes

- in Nyheter

Thursday in choir I realized that I was wearing the brightest color in a room of maybe 50 people.  I usually sit in the front row so it didn’t hit me at first, but eventually I became conscious of my relatively ’flamboyant’ pumpkin orange velvet zip sweatshirt since the next brightest thing worn in the room was a shirt of kiwi green.  Asking my Swedish friend next to me wtf was going on, she said that it’s probably because Swedes are so pale that they don’t look good in light/bright colors.  Lots of Swedes wear lots of black, and true, it’s very chic and flattering, but in winter I thought people would at least try to make up for the lack of sun and general light by wearing bright colors…  Red, at the very least, looks good on white skin.  So, in conclusion, wear black if you want to blend in in Sweden.