- in Nyheter

The other day on the train my friend and I were in a silent car and we were talking quietly and got shushed.  Ok, we shouldn’t have been talking but COME ON the train was full and we were a few seats away.  The stick up that guys ass must be big.  I got really angry but my friend thoughtfully commented that he probably wouldn’t have done that if I was a big guy.  That made me even more mad.   It would have been fine if he had reminded us that it was a silent car and asked us politely to please be quiet.  BUT NO, he took the condescending solution that, in my opinion, should only be used on your children under the age of 10.  Maybe this horrible ’shush’ proves that Swedes do not, as the rumors say,confront strangers often.  My anger probably stems from the feeling of injustice that people in Sweden can get away with annoying shit like that when in the US it might result in the other person screaming or following you or something worse.