Goodbye Sweden

- in Nyheter

Goodbye Sweden

I hate packing more than saying goodbye.  Goodbyes can be short and quick and Facebook facilitates reconnection.  But packing is so depressing, especially when I’ve been living here for a year and don’t have a ticket to come back.  This is why I usually pack two days before I leave.  However, this time I realized that I should start early since I have accumulated so much random stuff;

-the small turkey bones I morbidly saved from Thanksgiving and might make jewelry with,

-the Lucia wreath made of leaves but it still looks new/alive… strange,

-my IKEA curtains that I could easily replace but that I want to keep,

-the nail polish remover I got here that works great, or

-my pillow cases/ comforter cover because I like the pattern.

I’m strange to be attached to such strange things, but this devotion doesn’t even compare to the way I will miss my friends here.  I will miss;

-singing with them,

-sweating in gympa where Stefan yells at us,

-potluck movie nights where the speakers don’t work properly,

-tearing up the dance floor at nations without giving a crap that there are other people there,

-having a meter at Rauhrakel, and

-inviting them over for fika and forcing them to try my shoddy kanelbullar/kladdkaka/kolakakor or doing it at St. Jacob’s.

In addition to Facebook I’ve tried to unload as many of my plants on them as possible so they will think of me when they water them.  I’m trying to focus on the things I don’t like about Lund/Sweden/the University, but honestly this sucks and to stay has crossed my mind more than once.  I met an American the other day that I could not stand and I got even sadder about leaving.

THANK YOU readers for visiting my page and leaving comments!  And a BIG THANK YOU TO LUNDAGARD for making it possible for me and the other international writers to share our experiences and wisdom we’ve accrued while in Sweden.  There’s never a good time or way to say goodbye, but now I must.  See you later.