The Section: Security

On Saturday, students from the different Karneval sections received training by the Security Section. Fire on the dance floor, drunk people or a fight: they’ll know what do and who to call.

A small office at the Mathematical Faculty has been transformed into a dance floor: disco lamps, blinded windows and a group of students dancing enthusiastically. Five students in training are led in and only ten seconds after the music has started playing, the room fills with smoke. A fire! While some turn off the music and lead the party-goers students out, others ‘call’ 112 and talk with the headquarters on a walkie-talkie. Fortunately, it’s only a role-play to practice for the real Karneval.

The people trained today are not from the Security Section itself, Cecilia Patriksson, Head of Communications in the Security Section, explains. All the other sections have appointed one or several members to be responsible for the security within their section and today they receive the last of three trainings.

– We make sure that everyone here has the same basic information, as they have different backgrounds. They should know when they should be able to help themselves, when they should call us or when they should call an ambulance directly. They don’t have to solve every problem themselves.

The Security Section itself consists of about 200 persons, Cecilia Patriksson tells.

– We have a fire section, a health care section, a communication center and a group that takes turns being on duty day and night in case an emergency occurs. During the Karneval, we will reside in AF Borgen and coordinate from there.

Next to working for the Karneval, Cecilia Patriksson studies Environmental Sciences. What is the key to managing with her planning?

– Discipline. All free time is gone. Or maybe the Karneval becomes my free time. But it’s fun!

Fredrik Andersson is one of the students partaking in the training sessions. He is almost finished with his study to become a nurse and doesn’t think that it’s boring to be in the security section, even if one bears responsibility.

– I think that it’s fun with responsibility, that it’s not only about partying.

Jorunn Cardell, student of engineering at LTH, agrees with Fredrik:

– It’s nice to work for something important and to make sure that everything runs smoothly. And it’s fun to cooperate with the new people that I have got to know in my section.

Together with Fredrik and nine others, she is responsible for the security during the Karnevalståg, a long festive parade. This has an additional advantage.

– After the parade is over, we’ll be free to party as well, Jorunn Cardell says.

Text: Paula Dubbink

Foto: Jonas Jacobson

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