Destination: Skåne

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Summer is quietly coming, step by step. The sun makes even the palest people tanned, bugs come out and the camping rentals are already out of tents. High time to explore the world around us! Lundagård have made a small guide about the most picturesque places in southern Sweden — for those who like camping, hiking or short walks.

Near Lund (bike-accessibility)

The place is full of lakes and forests! Spend a whole day on hiking paths, jump into the water from a cliff (not for the faint of heart), take pictures of the rare trees in Trollskogen and have a BBQ night with friends.

Enjoy the sunny beach, forestry and fieldy coastal paths, an ancient castle and the sauna. Take binoculars and watch the Bridge and Denmark. Oh, and what can be better than a kanelbulle with the view!

A green area full of forests and hiking trails. Find the lake with the castle in the middle and imagine yourself being invited to a royal holiday in the woods. 3 hours by bike from Lund — the view is completely worth the sweaty 2h-one-way bike ride from Lund or Malmö.

Are you ready, urban lovers? Walk from the city centre to the coastal line and the Oresund bridge. Take the swimsuits! On your way, walk into the Botanical garden and city parks. Rent a boat and research Malmö canals (Bookaboat). Finish the hike with the chokladkaka at IKEA restaurant!

In Skåne (transport accessibility)

Two choices of meeting the sunset! From the sandy beach or the ”Tura boats” (bonus: Danish prices for the alcohol start on half-way). Take your bike and explore the forests, hills and castles.

Kullaberg & Mölle
Charge yourself with fish&chips or an ice cream in Mölle and go conquer the rocky beaches and hills. Pet a sheep, find the lighthouse and the tiny state Nimis. For those who like to sun tan naked there are special places to do it.

Hovs Hallar & Torekov
Breathtaking cliffy coastline. Ingmar Bergman loved it! Look for the waterfalls and a cave, take different paths: near the sea line and upstairs across the cliffs. On the way back enter a nice cafe with the lunch buffet and the sea view. Hike to Torekov and challenge yourself to climb the small rocks.

A nice national park with several routes to hike. Explore the hill and the lighthouse. All in all, it takes about 3 hours of a relaxed walk on every path. Don’t forget the swimsuit to get the vitamin D at the white-sand beach (try tagging this place as Maldives, the followers will believe you).

If you are lucky enough and it’s February, you will see the seals. If not, you will definitely see the little summer houses at the beach and feel the ocean vibe.

Forests, rocky hills going up and down and a beautiful lake as a heart of this national park. Try going there on a foggy day or any other day, the place has much to surprise you.

First, hike between the houses (aren’t they gingerbear?), walk up to the sea line, find a Wes Anderson-style lighthouse on the way and have a lunch at the ocean.

Ales Stenar
An unhuggable hilly vast with the ocean view, the Swedish Stonehenge, and a breathtaking sauna. Make sure you know bus timetable: it goes once a day there and back.

Just a perfect beach for those who dreamt of surfing and getting suntanned. As always, lighthouse included.

Hilleshögs Dalar
A hilly and cliffy area with the sea and island view, green fields (just as in your favorite Windows desktop). Feel as you are a bird by going up and down the cliffs.

Photos and text by Daria Granina,
Master’s student at Strategic Communication, Lund University.