LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Students, wake up and speak up!

- in Insändare

In a letter to the editor, Klaudia Jaworska, a student at Lund University, is asking the students of Lund to use their voices and stand up for Ukraine.

Five days. Five days have passed. Our planet has rotated around its own axis as many as five times since Russia invaded the independent and sovereign Ukraine. Here in Lund, the atmosphere is uncomfortable. War is on everyone’s mind and yet it’s awfully quiet all over campus. As students, we need to break the silence. Slava Ukraini! 

First and foremost I feel the need to show my support for my fellow students with any connection to Ukraine. I cannot even begin to imagine what you are experiencing. I truly hope this unfortunate situation has as little impact on you and your families as possible. Know that you are not alone. 

To all other students of every nationality I appeal to speak up! In universities all over the world students have come together in peaceful protests to underline their stand on the current events. Why are we still quiet? If we won’t, who will? 

There is a lot we can, should and even must do. Use your platforms, spread correct and reviewed information. Talk to each other, help each other overcome the stress, worry and anxiety you may experience. Stand up for Ukraine, show your condemnation for the Russian attack and most importantly, support your fellow Ukrainian students. 

Klaudia Jaworska, student at Lund University.

This is a letter to the editor. The views presented are the writer’s own. Instruktions on how to write a letter to the editor can be found here.