1 December: Niklas Bardor

- in In English, Julkalender, Julkalendern 2022

Lundagård is counting down the days until Christmas eve with 24 interviews with 24 different students. On December 1st we meet Niklas Bardor, 28, from Silverdale (WA), USA with a criminal elf-name.

Name: Niklas Bardor
Age: 28 years
From: Silverdale (WA), USA
Studies: Innovation and Global Sustainable Development 

Niklas Bardor’s family usually watches
”Kalles jul” on Christmas eve.
Photo: Alexandra Roslund

What is the worst thing about Christmas?

– The worst thing about Christmas? Hm…

– I’m not a very traditional person. It’s nice to get together and have that excuse to do so, but I think the worst thing is that it’s an excuse to get together when you shouldn’t need to have that excuse.

What is your avourite Christmas movie?

– ”Elf” is a pretty good one, but there’s the Disney one too, the one that’s played in Sweden all the time [Kalles jul, editor’s note]. It’s very special to our family in America, it was kind of a cool tradition to have that one similar thing every year.

Speaking of elves, what would be your elf name?

– The Inconvenient Bandit. I’m thinking like the elf on the shelf – you move him around, you frame him for crimes or little things you mess up. The little inconveniences.

What do you look forward to in 2023?

 Getting out and traveling a lot more – in Europe it’s so easy to go everywhere!

Where do you want to go?

– I know that I really want to go to the Mediterranean, but I’m pretty open to anything.