Ribersborg Seasauna

- in Nyheter

This is a seaside sauna in Malmo.  I’ve been twice now and it’s been great each time in different ways:

1) The first time it was deserted- there were only about four other women in the whole place.  I thought that the weather wouldn’t affect the number of people since the sauna would be warm, but I was wrong.  It was a cloudy day and was almost more beautiful than a sunny day at sea and it was so psychologically liberating to jump into the ocean in my birthday suit!

2) A friend in Korea told me that a white friend of hers gets unabashedly stared at in the locker rooms, and they’re not looking at his face.  The second sauna experience occurred on a sunny day and the sunbathing decks were crowded with naked women.  It was the first time I’ve been around so many nude people in my life but it was fine (though I tried not to look down too often).  Meanwhile my friend was inspecting the other women and was excited (not sexually) by all the different body types.  It is really great to see other people’s naked bodies, not because you are attracted to them, but because unless you live in a nudist colony how often do you see the opposite sex naked?  With so many women obsessing about their weight, shape, etc. it was really nice to see them letting it all hang out.