Parentesen Brännboll

- in Nyheter

This Saturday was the ending party for the Parentesen student living area’s brännboll tournament.  From what I gather brännboll is an old Swedish sport somewhat skin to field hockey.  I hadn’t been there until this weekend but it was so nice (Parentesen translates to ’The Parenthesis’ because that’s how it’s two large buildings are shaped).  I wasn’t there for the tournament, I was there for the party.  Rumors tell of their legendary parties and though they’ve been cracked down it was still great.  Though tickets cost 100kr, there may have been 2,000 people there (the pink bracelets with ’Brännboll Parentesen’ are a giveaway) and they had a Dutch DJ (ingredient for any great European dance party) and a hot dog stand.  My friends pushed our way into the crowd and danced near the front but left after a while since some of us were getting elbowed in the head (not intentionally but people were crazy).  The music stopped at 2 but luckily we were invited to a fun 4th floor corridor with good speakers.  See what it’s like from these videos from 2009 (; taken at Valborg but it was pretty much like this but at night