Ostgota Sittning

- in Nyheter

At precisely 5pm, mentors and mentees came trickling into our house clad in torn clothes and with dirty faces.

We were having a pre-party for the sittning at Östgota nation and the theme was Pirates, and it was so exciting to see that people took the theme seriously. We set up the stereo and trooped outside into the garden, where we practiced drinking songs, began our pre-drinking session and took photos.

Soon after, the rest had left to Ostgota while the others and I without tickets stayed back. There were about 7 of us (some not even in our mentor group) and we set up a grill and had some wine on the balcony. We cooked up a bit of a dinner and then the night fell and we were still outside, talking for hours in the dark. We talked about everything and anything under the sun- music, lifestyle and even had a debate on the gender roles (don’t ask). At around 10pm, they left and we came to an agreement to arrange another activity soon enough.

Granted the night was not exactly what you would call your ordinary “hardcore Saturday night party”, but it was definitely the perfect night to wrap up a crazy week. Another thing I love about being a mentor is having the opportunity to invite random people over to BBQ in your balcony and actually get to know them, without having it be a completely weird situation. I love talking to people and spending a night just having some wine and chilling with them was brilliant. And what do you know, I even managed to find company to go to the Boys Noize concert in Copenhagen!

Till the next outing!