Movement Becomes Sculpture

- in Nyheter

Sheep spray-painted in pink, and trains in the middle of the woods. In the exhibit ‘SculptureMotion’, at Wanås sculpture park, sculptures literally come to life.

Text: Ravn Kirkegaard – Translation: Cecilia Eriksson

The wind is blowing in the trees and the leaves are thrown back and forth. Suddenly, a railway car appears in the middle of the woods, sprayed with abstract thoughts in black. Train of thoughts by Caroline Falkholt is one of the artworks included in the exhibit ‘SculptureMotion’ at Wanås sculpture park that will be showing all summer.
“All new creations are about movement, both physical movement and people gathering in one movement” says Kajsa Rolfsson, shop and entrance manager.

Wanås sculpture park was founded in 1987 and has 75 000 visitors every year. In the beginning, the park focused on Nordic and American artists, but has since gained international attention and has had about 300 artists who has held exhibitions in the park. Among others, artist Yoko Ono is included in the 70 permanent artworks.

The goal of the exhibit is to challenge what a sculpture can be. Sculptures are often associated with a massive block of carved stone, but this is not always the case. In If the People have No Bread Let Them Eat Cake, by Henrik Plenge Jakobsen, living pink sheep are the sculptures. The sculptures constitute more than just living animals, they also include the visitors who become part of the sculptures. Choreographer William Forsythe has installed several artworks in the park that involve the visitors. In one, he lets the visitor dance through a room filled with weights that are hung above the floor.

The park is big and there are many artworks and sculptures, many of which involve sound and movement just as often as images. Some sculptures come to life by a group acting together, so it can be to your advantage to go as a group, and count on spending several hours in the park.


‘SculptureMotion’ will be open until November 5th, every day from 8 A.M. to 7 P.M.
Day ticket students: 120 SEK
Day ticket adults: 140 SEK
Free entrance under 18.