Kamferdrops: Electropop at Lundakarnevalen

- in Nyheter

Kamferdrops, stage name of  Heidi Musum, is one of the artists performing on the main stage at Lundakarnevalen.

For those who are not acquainted with this Norwegian singer, it is interesting to know that she always wears a mask during her concerts. During this performance at the Carnival, she was joined by a saxophone player and two dancers

She opened her concert with her Swedish hit Jag trodde änglarna fanns, which immediately got the audience into a energetic and cheerful mood. The dream-pop tunes  continued with the next songs: she alternated a remix of famous worldwide known songs, such as Everybody by Backstreet boys, with songs she has composed. Heidi Musum´s music invited the audience to dance and sing for the whole performance whose electronic melodies  reached out the whole concert venue. Indeed, the feedback of the audience was reactive and showed enthusiasm for each song and desire to keep partying on at Lundakarnevalen.

Photo: Poiesh Soudagar 

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