Lucka 12: Christina Tente, nationsombud på Smålands nation

- in Julkalender, Julkalender 2020

A vaccine and the fall of capitalism, that’s what Christina Tente, nationsombud at Smålands want’s for Christmas.

What is your role at Smålands?

–Right I am nationsombud at smålands, one starts in the summer and one that starts in the winter, I started in the summer. I have also been organizing the Feministcafé Ronja since 2018!

Are you a student besides that?

–This summer, I graduated from the Visual Culture Master’s Programme here in Lund, now I’m taking a break from the uni.

What are you most proud of with your work?

–The fact that everyone who comes at smålands to work and get active and organize things feels very comfortable immediately and like they are part of the community very fast, so even this semester with the corona there were a lot of international students who came to us and wanted to get involved and organize stuff, they immediately started organizing their own events, I think the social stuff, making everybody feel like they are part of a community is what I am most proud of. I am also proud of our feminist work and our anti-racist work at Smålands, I think our events are very inclusive.

What’s your highest dream for 2021?

–That the vaccine is out and that the restrictions are lifted and that I can travel again soon and see my friends and family. And, naturally, the fall of capitalism.

Do you celebrate Christmas?

–It depends on how you define celebrate.

How do you define it?

–Usually, I am with family, it is my name day since I’m called Christina, I’m greek so we celebrate name days, this year I don’t know how I am going to celebrate.

What’s your favorite book?

–The edible woman by Margaret Atwood

How many times have you watched love actually this year?

–This year none, usually around five or six times around Christmas so it will come.

Love actually or the holiday?

–Love actually, although it’s problematic.

How is it problematic?

–It’s very stereotypical in the way it shows relationships, it’s very heteronormative.

What was your most expensive purchase this year?

–A pair of Dr Martens.

How much money will you spend on Christmas presents?

–Around 200 euros, but I also try to make things

What do you make?

–I bake stuff, or create something, or write little stories and poems.