Four Lund-based researchers among the world’s most cited.

- in Aktuell, Nyheter

“Clarivate Highly Cited Researchers List” ranks the scientists who have been the most influential within their field the last decennium. The ranking is based upon publications and citations within and across 21 different fields. Among the about 6 600 researchers from the ranking of 2021, about 50 are from Sweden. Four of them are from Lund.

Johannes Rousk, professor in microbial ecology, stated in an article on Lund University’s employee website that he was very happy to be a part of the ranking. “The number of citations is of course not the only measurement of impact, but it is fantastically affirmative to see that our research results have gotten attention and such a wide and lasting use. Fun!”.

The other three scientists from Lund, Oskar Hanson (professor in clinical memory research), Sara Snogerup-Linse (professor in biochemistry and structural biology) and Niklas Mattson-Carlgren (senior lecturer in clinical memory research), all have a focus on neurosciences and, mainly, Alzheimer’s. Something Niklas Mattson-Carlgren noted in the article from Lund University. “It is of course really fun for me and our research group that we have gotten so much notice. The ranking is a receipt on that the research on Alzheimer’s and other neurosciences that we do at Lund University is meaningful”.

Clarivate Highly Cited Researchers List 2021

Among the 151 countries listed the USA comes in at a first place when it comes to the highest number of citations with a total of almost 100 million, mainland China comes in at second and England third. Sweden is listed as number 15, just below India, with about 6,5 million citations. The Vatican comes in last with a total of 7 747 citations.

University of California comes in first on the list of mostly cited universities with a total of 12,6 million citations. The first Swedish university on the list is Karolinska institutet, placed at 84, while Lund University takes second place among the Swedish universities at spot 147, followed shortly by Uppsala at 162.

When looking at the country with most citations per paper Micronesia with 181.47 citations per paper comes in first, being the only country with over 40 citations per paper.

The quotes have been translated from Swedish