Why not come to Lundakarnevalen?

While the Karneval is dominating Lund's student life for more than the weekend itself, there are still some students who just do not want to or can not come. Lundagård tried to find the reasons.

Not going to the Karneval seems almost impossible, especially for all the volunteers anticipating the event months in advance. But, it seems like there are people who are not attending, and the reasons for this are motivated by different constraints.

When asking around, it actually is not too easy to find anybody in Lund who is not attending. Yet, Michelle, a student at Lund University, says when recalling a conversation with a friend: “I think she can not come, as she has to do assignments which do not give her the freedom to be here”. This is a more than valid reason not to attend the Karneval, yet not one of completely free choice, but deadlines never wait.

Other valid reasons are given by the German exchange student Lisa. She is, for one, still concerned about the Pandemic, as her health conditions do not allow her to risk a severe COVID infection. But it is not only this. Being an exchange student, she also wonders about the accessibility of the festivities. “Me as a layman, it was quite hard for me to get information, because I’m a grandma when it comes to Facebook,” she said.

She elaborates on a solution to the experience: ”It would just be nice if it would be possible to get tickets during the weekend [of the Karneval, editor’s note] as well.” She suggests this not only because she missed the day of the ticket sale but also because she thinks that such an offer “would allow for more spontaneity.”

Lisa, therefore, decided that it is more valuable for her to make her own plans instead of being bothered by the confusion of the Karneval.

In the end, however, she offers a little plot twist: out of curiosity, she had a quick look at the Karneval on Friday evening.