Love is just a LinkedIn request away

Resumes, non-blurry profile photos, and a vast dating pool. Lundagård's studentlife columnist Alexandra Bradley has set her dating-crosshair on LinkedIn.

Welcome to LinkedIn in 2023. A digital watering hole where professionals gather to network, search for job opportunities and, possibly, even find love. With the digital platform, you have access to a vast dating pool of educated and driven individuals, who have clearly displayed their work history, education, and interests. So how can we be expected to professional when there are so many sexy resumes floating around?

Now, I know this is not LinkedIn’s intended purpose but who says you can’t mix business with pleasure, right? I, too, am giving LinkedIn a chance. And so far, I am pleasantly surprised. Unlike the blurry gym selfies and bikini pics you see on Tinder, LinkedIn profile photos are usually a simple, clear shot of someone’s face.

Plus, browsing through their education and work history gives me a better sense of who they are and how they spend their time. If I am seeing a string of short-lived jobs all within the past year, alarm bells start to ring. Could this indicate a lack of commitment in relationships?

Either way, LinkedIn is a great vetting process. And like all major purchases, it is crucial to do your research and know what you are getting into. Besides, you don’t have too much to lose except a bit of dignity. In the best-case scenario, you find a new job or a career mentor. If that doesn’t work out, there lies the possibility of finding a Friday night date.

Don’t attempt to do both though: it didn’t work well in Mad Men, Grey’s Anatomy or for me, in my most recent LinkedIn exchange. After connecting with a CEO of a large company in Denmark, I was shamelessly asked by a him whether I was venturing into Copenhagen solely to meet him or if I actually had plans…safe to say he just wanted to keep it professional.

Using LinkedIn as a dating tool is not for the fainthearted and may border on inappropriate. There are some who argue this only adds to the already endless stream of unwanted advances that women (and men to a lesser extent) face in the workplace. But I think we can rewrite this narrative by laying some respectful ground rules. It’s important to keep in mind that folks are mostly on LinkedIn for their career, so it is crucial you read the room and never expect a romantic rendezvous. Try not to be too pushy, respect boundaries and I think LinkedIn might just be the unlikely hero you need.

I may be new on my LinkedIn love journey, but one thing is certain: This platform is no longer strictly business. Finding love in today’s society is harder than navigating a maze blindfolded. So why not use every resource at your disposal? Rewrite the dating rules and give LinkedIn a chance. After all, there’s nothing sexier than a confident professional who knows what they want – whether that’s a promotion or a partner.