Hundreds of international students welcomed on Arrival Day

- in In English, Nyheter

On Tuesday, “Arrival Day” for the spring semester at Lund University took place. Having traveled from all over the world, hundreds of international students were welcomed by Lund University’s yellow vested staff and mentors.

Of the roughly 800 international and exchange students starting their studies at Lund University this spring, around 450 reached Lund C on Arrival Day.

One of them is Ethan Phipps. He is 21 years old and has traveled from Australia to study law and arts.

– I really wanted to come somewhere in Scandinavia and had a friend who did an exchange in Lund and loved it, he says.

While coming all the way from Australia, Ethan Phipps is not too worried about the cold upon his arrival. Yet, during his time here, he also plans to visit the north of Sweden.

– That will be another level, he surmises.

For Elnaz Ghaem Far, the attraction of Lund University primarily was the contents of her programme. She comes from Iran, is 32 years old and is studying a master’s programme in food science.

– Lund University offers varied courses in sustainable food processing and packaging, she says and adds that the professors in her major are supposed to be very good at Lund University.

Sonia too made the choice of coming to Lund based on the scope of subjects offered. She is 19 and comes from Ukraine and is here to study molecular ecology.

– I never saw such a subject being introduced to undergraduates and master students. It is nice that you can freely choose a subject and dive into one topic, she says.

When asked about what she is looking forward to the most her answer is immediate.

– Lab work, she says while laughing.

On Arrival Day new students are helped with settling into their new lives in Sweden. They, for example, receive sim cards, have the option of buying bedding packages and are given information about the upcoming Orientation Weeks. All to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Elnaz Ghaem Far is excited about all the activities arranged for newcomers.

– I haven’t seen it at other universities, it decreases the stress of coming to a new place for many new arrivals, she says.

She even plans on staying in the area after finishing her exchange.

– I like Sweden and especially Lund, since there are famous food companies here, maybe I will be working there in the following years, Elnaz Ghaem Far concludes.