Tickets for Macron’s visit at Studentafton released on Friday

- in In English, Nyheter

On Friday at 15:00, 200 tickets for Studentafton with the French President Emmanuel Macron will be released. And the moderator will be Ekonomihögskolan's professor Sylvia Schwaag Serger.

On Wednesday, it’s time. French President Emmanuel Macron is coming to Lund for Studentafton. However, getting tickets might be challenging. In the Facebook event, nearly 2 000 people have indicated their interest, but only 200 tickets will be released. All ticket sales will occur digitally.

– The ticket release will happen just like at a Taylor Swift concert, you click on the link and get a place in a queue, says Studentafton’s chairman Frida Eriksson.

In other words, it won’t matter whether you join the queue at 14:30 or 14:59, you will be assigned a random place in the queue at 15:00.

– So that any issues with wifi won’t hinder anyone, says Frida Eriksson.

It will only be possible to purchase one ticket per person. Additionally, you must be a student at Lund University.

– Otherwise, it will be invalidated. We will scrutinize it, says Frida Eriksson.

Tickets will cost 150 SEK. There might also be a second ticket release.

The moderator for the evening will be Ekonomihögskolan’s Sylvia Schwaag Serger.

– She has a strong connection to Lund. We wanted someone who listens to us students, says Frida Eriksson.

Frida Eriksson also encourages all students attending the event to think about audience questions.

– Preferably related to the theme of a ”resilient Europe.” Consider: What do I want answers to from the President of France?, she says.