Court ruling brings relief to international students

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A recent ruling by the migration court in Malmö decides to extend an international student’s residency permit, due to pandemic-related conditions, which brings relief to students in similar situations. 

Earlier this month, the Swedish Migration Court in Malmö overruled a decision made by the Swedish Migration Agency, by prolonging a non-EU student’s visa. The pandemic had delayed the completion of the student’s master’s thesis and thus, he was unable to study full time. However, according to the court ruling, the circumstances were out of his control and therefore not in proportion to deportation.  

The decision gives hope to other international students in Lund who may face increased stress over finishing their studies in time or getting enough credits in the midst of a pandemic.

International students Elliot Gunnell and Megan Rothwell, both studying Development Studies at Lund University, have not yet experienced issues related to their visa, but they both argue that the decision alleviates their stress: “Knowing that Sweden allows people to make mistakes and generally protects the public definitely alleviates stress. In America, there is more of an individualistic approach. It’s nice to know Sweden is looking out for all of its people, residents, and citizens alike”, says Elliot, 19 years old from the United States. 

 Megan, a 19 year old student from Guatemala, further adds that she was satisfied with the decision: “It makes me happy to know that the migration court revisited the case, and seeing the decision, it makes me glad to know that in the case of an emergency or a problem there are options to solve it.”