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Guide to Goodbyes

In English Krönika/Studentliv Krönikor
Being an international students undoubtedly means having to come to terms with saying your fair share of goodbyes. But practice doesn’t make perfect, according to Mikaela Sasi.  As ...
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International students bring awareness to autism

In English News Nyheter Studentliv
Two international lundastudents host events celebrating the National Autism Acceptance Month In honour of the National Autism Acceptance Month, Rudinë Fetahaj and Flaka Isufi, two friends from Kosovo ...
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Book Review: (The) Ten Business Insights by Dora Tolstoy

In English Recension
Lundagård reviews economics student Dora Tolstoy’s satirical business self-help book  (The) Ten Business Insights (2021). ”The book may help you to spot the rotten apples of the corporate ...
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Siste april – worth the hype?

In English Krönika/Studentliv Krönika/Utbildningspolitik Krönikor Studentliv
Love it or hate it, as an international student, Mikaela Sasi has never experienced Siste april and tries to figure out what all the fuss is about–is all ...
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The Second Coming of New Age

Krönika/Studentliv Krönikor
Healing crystals, aura readings, and chakra cleansings are here to stay. The second rise of New age philosophies has taken on a swift momentum that is increasingly becoming ...
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Court ruling brings relief to international students

In English Internationellt Nyheter
A recent ruling by the migration court in Malmö decides to extend an international student’s residency permit, due to pandemic-related conditions, which brings relief to students in similar ...
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Woman up!

Krönikor Kulturkrönika
Women’s Day 2021 was celebrated two days ago, giving us all a reason to empower the amazing women in our lives and recognize the achievements of those who ...
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