Lundakarnevalen 2022 is on its way

Today at AF Borgen the carnival committee had a small press conference to release the dates of the confirmed Lundakarnevalen. The event is held every four years and will be held on 20-22, printed on the committees’ neon-green shirts, as in the 20th– 22nd May 2022.

Upon releasing the date for the Carnival, the committee placed themselves in different rooms of AF Borgen’s south entrance, COVID-19 friendly, to announce their excitement for the coming celebration. The carnival arranged by Lund students hosted up to 400,000 participants in 2018, with up to 5,000 students volunteering to build up the carnival.

During the 20th – 22nd of May 2022, Lundagård will be transformed into a large carnival area with tent entertainment, raffle booths, student improv, artists, food, and drinks. Moreover, the reputable carnival train will go through the streets of Lund and spreads happiness to all 400,000 visitors.

The carnivalists are ready to spread the happiness and love that has been passed on since the founding of the Carnival in 1849. The organizers hope that the pandemic will be gone by May 2022. If not so, don’t worry the committee has a plan B, C, D, and E, and assured that “no digital carnival will occur”, referring to Lundagård’s April Fool’s joke.

This will be met with happiness from Lund students, as COVID-19 has led to the cancellation of various events, including Siste April, and the whole of Valborg (Walpurgis) this year. When the pandemic is over, the Carnival “will come like a bolt out of the clear blue sky” says committee member Björn Kristensson.

The carnival committee will start recruiting volunteers and organizers of groups as early as the end of this spring semester and continue throughout the autumn. “The carnival is a glue that brings students together”, says Emil Fredberg.

Moreover, be on your guard for the next big release, the theme, predicted to be announced in early autumn.

Photo: Jonas Jacobson