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Lund Karneval Days 2022

In English Lundakarnevalen 2022
Every fourth year, the Lundagård park transforms into a large carnival area with raffle booths, artist performances, student improv, foods and drinks. The grand experience returns in May ...
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Walpurgis Night 2021 is cancelled

In English News Nyheter
For the second year in a row the Walpurgis night: Siste April (30th April) celebrations are cancelled. No gatherings will be taking place in the public parks due ...
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Lundakarnevalen 2022 is on its way

Lundakarnevalen 2022 Nyheter Studentliv
Today at AF Borgen the carnival committee had a small press conference to release the dates of the confirmed Lundakarnevalen. The event is held every four years and ...
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Fighting climate change with a plant-based diet: Will it work?

In English Klimat
Will going vegan help to stop global warming? Lundagård explores whether plant-based diets may benefit climate change.  A recent report from the United Nations urges us to change ...
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Elin Wägner was way ahead of her time

Aktuell In English
Women’s emancipation, civil rights and female voting were some of the things that Elin Wägner fought for in paving the way for a gender equal world. Born in ...
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Plate-to-Planet: 5 Eco-Friendly Meals

In English Klimat Lundagård testar
With global warming’s ever-looming threat, it’s time to take an opportunity in becoming more eco-friendly with our food. Eco-friendly foods are less toxic, resource-intensive, durable, safer from pesticides ...
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A Gen X:s Guide to Relaxation

Feature In English Lundagård testar
Feeling stressed? Trying something outside of the box might be just the trick. Or not. Mediyoga Mediyoga is a form of yoga where you reflect on what’s important ...
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LU researchers on what Biden will mean to Sweden and the EU

In English Internationellt Nyheter
Biden’s election brings high hopes to the EU regarding its cooperation with the US in several areas such as the Paris Climate Agreement, commitment to trade and multilateralism. ...
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Dating 101: Corona Edition

Corona In English Student life
Let’s be honest, there are only so many ‘Netflix and Chill’ dates one can have before it gets old. As we know, there are limited places where people ...
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