Large fight outside of the University Hospital – several hospitalized

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Three people have been brought to the hospital because of fights at several different locations in Lund. The fights were between two groups, but their motivation is, as of now, unknown.

– We have a reinforced presence in Lund to avoid new fights, says Evelina Olsson, spokesperson for the Police, region South.

At 10.52 AM Monday the police were alerted to a fight at an outdoor seating area in central Lund. One person from each side was hospitalized, and one person was detained by police after the fight which resulted in major damage to the restaurant’s outdoor area. Evelina Olsson states that the reason why the fight broke out at the restaurant is unknown for now.

– What role the outdoor seating area plays in this we do not know. We have not gotten that far [in the investigation. editor’s notes] yet, says Evelina Olsson to Lundagård.

Patric Fors, spokesperson for the Police command center, spoke to SVT after the event. He stated that the fight continued with even more people joining each side at the Lund university hospital. Patric Fors also told SVT that the police suspect that the fights in central Lund and the hospital have a connection with a third fight which broke out at Linero earlier in the morning, where another person had to be brought to the hospital.

– It seems like it’s the same people who are involved, stated Patric Fors to SVT.

Evelina Olsson says to Lundagård that the motivation for the fight is, this far, unknown.

– It is some sort of conflict between two groupings. What the conflict is about comes secondly to us. Right now, we’re trying to avoid any new fights and at the same time we’re investigating the three cases.

The police are now guarding the hospital to make sure that no further fights will break out inside or outside the building.