Less corona restrictions – the nations rejoice

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The Swedish Public Health Agency has after careful consideration decided to remove some of the current corona-related restrictions on September 29th. This creates the possibility for the student life of Lund to return to what it once was. 

At a press conference yesterday, Tuesday September 7th, the Public Health Agency declared that the restrictions for participants at public events will be fully removed on Wednesday September 29th. Restrictions regarding group sizes and the distance between tables at restaurants and bars will, however, stay the same.

 The decision has been met with a lot of excitement from the nations in Lund, with a lot of them planning club-nights on the Wednesday evening, September 29th. Alexandra Gäddnäs, president of Kuratorskollegiet*, is excited about the news. 

– This makes it so much easier for the nations to carry out their operations. And to get back to some sort of normality has been well sought after.

– I think that the students can expect a fantastically fun fall, the nations now get to do what the nations are best at!, Alexandra Gäddnäs tells Lundagård over the phone. 

The Swedish Ministry of Social Affairs writes in a press release that they are working on a memorandum with a proposition for vaccination passes at bigger events. But a decision regarding vaccination passes has not yet been made. If the government decides to go forward with a legislation regarding vaccination passes this will be applied  to events with over 15 000 participants, and will not apply to children under 16 and people who cannot get vaccinated due to medical reasons. 

When asked about the potential risk factors regarding the re-opening om Lunds nations, Alexandra Gäddnäs answered the following:

– The news was given less than 24 hours ago and none of us really expected that phase four would come so soon. So that’s something we will have to take a look at during the coming weeks.


*Kuratorskollegiet is a joint committee for most of the nations in Lund