ICE HOCKEY: LTH Griparna claim victory in home-opener

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University Hockey League (UHL)

LTH Griparna (7) – Jönköping University Hockey (4)

In a fast-paced game on Friday, the 19th of November,  LTH Griparna won their first game of the season with 7-4 against Jönköping University. 

First period

Tanno Meijering (#1)
from LTH Griparna
Photo: Saber Malmgren

The stands are filled, and the energy is palpable. 19.00 marks puck drop, and from there on, it’s a spirited fight for the win. Griparna took an early lead, dominating puck possession and shots on goal. The honour of the game’s first scorer goes to William Reit, 81, much to the joy of the delighted crowd. The early lead clearly energizes Griparna. The first goal was followed by three more goals in rapid succession, courtesy of Max Weddjesjö, 29, Mitchell Andersson, 88, and another successful shot by William Reit, 81. Bringing the score to 4-0 ahead of the first break.

Tanno Mejerling, 1, Griparna’s goalie, about to take the ice for the first time for the night in the second period, had the following to say:

“It’s really exciting. We scored plenty of goals, but it’s the first game of the season, so we still have more to give.”

Regarding their chances of winning, he candidly reveals the following:

“Definitely! We will also have a problem with getting tired, so I’m not sure yet. Only time will tell. We’re switching goalies now in the middle of the game. So, I just have to prepare mentally. I think I’ll just go into myself and reflect. I have high hopes!”

Second period

Jönköping comes into their own, and the two teams are more evenly matched. The game also ramps up in its physicality, and brutal body slams against the rink’s glass become ever more frequent. One Jönköping player gets his stick broken in half, and another takes a hefty hit and is escorted off the ice by two of his teammates.

Jönköping manages to score for the first time through Johan Axelsson, 40. However, Griparna made a swift comeback, and Elias Jonasson, 11, scored. The crowd erupts into a chorus of hoots and hollers, cheering on their team. It is starkly evident this is a home game for Griparna. Before the end of the second period, Jönköping scored once more through Kasper Sangi, 14, leaving the score at a 5-2 home advantage ahead of the final period. 

Fillip Koski Sund, 30, of the Jönköping team comments on their ability to turn the game around in the second period:

Isak Kenttä (#8) from Jönköping University Hockey
Photo: Saber Malmgren

“We felt like we didn’t really control the game [in the first period]. I think the audience made us a bit nervous because when we played Chalmers last game, there were like ten people maybe, and now, we have like 300 here. So, I think it’s just some nerves, but it felt good this period. I hope we can prolong that trend.’

After those fighting words, Lundagård interviewed a father of one of Griparna’s players who offered the following opinions:

They’re not professional. They’re playing for fun, and you can see that, but you can also see that they want to win but still enjoy themselves. I think that is the most important thing. The team spirit on the stands is very friendly, just a party really, I enjoy it very much.”

Third period

Jönköping scored twice early on through Kasper Sangi, 14, and Gustav Lundin, 10. Perhaps Koski-Sund’s hopes for the third period manifested themselves, or maybe the lethargy Mejerling referred to has caught up to Griparna. With the score at 5-4, Jönköping, with a possible victory tantalizingly close, calls for a timeout to discuss strategy.

When the game resumes, it becomes evident that this short respite and team pep talk might just have been what Griparna needed. They take to the ice with renewed zeal and score twice more through Markus Albert, 27, and Edgar Treijs, 40. With energies high and blood pumping, a minor fight breaks out, and both participants are given a penalty. As the final seconds of the game tick down, the Fans erupt into cheers, and Griparna wear million-dollar smiles. They claim their first victory of the season with a final score of 7-4. The teams congratulate each other, and the long night of celebrations begins!

The crowd cheers as LTH Griparna brings home the game
Photo: Saber Malmgren

With a bouquet of flowers in his hands, one of Griparna’s Team captains and one of the night’s scorers, Max Weddjesjö, 29, reflects on the outcome of the game:

“They are a good team. It was a fun first game; nice to be back after a year and a half, and we’re very excited to be going again. As always, we want to see as many students here as possible, and hopefully, everyone just has a good time at our games! it’s so much more fun to play with them here supporting us.”

Overall, the game was fast-paced, with a roughly equal number of penalties on both sides. All the goalies had impressive saves, and both teams showed strong teamwork and talent. Griparna´s dominance in the first half and their strong finish won them the game, and William Reit, 81, was declared man of the match for his two goals and one assist. 


LTH Griparna: William Reit #81 (2 goals), Max Wedjesjö #29, Mitchell Andersson #88, Elias Johansson #11, Markus Albert #27, Edgar Treijs #38
Jönköping University Hockey: Johan Axelsson #40, Kasper Sangi #14 (2 goals), Gustav Lundin #10


LTH Griparna


Tanno Meijering (GK)

30 Fredric Andersson (GK)

86 Markus Christensson

Albin Olsson

29 Max Wedjesjö (C)

27  Markus Albert (A)

81 William Reit

23 Gustav Sillerström

40 Eskil Olofsson

71 Gustaf Herberts

97 Sixten Leijon

11 Elias Jonasson

50 Markus Gerdtsson

16 Linus Högstedt

87 Eric Roberts

88 Mitchell Andersson

38  Edgar Treijs

83 William Müller

70 Willam Hansson

Erik Eidmann

14 Jakob Sonesson (A)

18 Victor Ritesson

Jönköping University Hockey


Erik Ågren (GK)

35 Filip Koski (GK)

Isak Kenttä

13 Lucas Hägg

10 Gustav Lundin

Hugo Klippfors

14 Kasper Sangi

69  Julius Borgvind

77  Hugo Wedmark Hermansson

20  Felix Sundman

88 Adam Bergeling

18 Jacob Andlow

Adam Andersson

Christian Henriksson

12 Viktor Cilik

90  Robin Axelsson

40  Johan Axelsson

Zach Sporn

15 Edvin Jarmstand

LTH Griparna vs. Jököping University Hockey
ends with a 7-4 win for LTH Griparna
Photo: Saber Malmgren