New Corona Virus Recommendations

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The Swedish health authorities have issued new Covid guidelines in reaction to rising covid cases. Here is what the new guidelines mean for you:  

On the 7th of December, the Swedish health authorities released new Covid guidelines. These recommendations are in order to reduce the infection rate and therein implied pressure on the healthcare system. This is a follow-up to guidelines released on the 1st of December, the most important of which being the need for a proof-of-vaccination certificate for indoor events of over 100 people (previously reported on here). The following new recommendations have been issued:

On an individual basis, the Swedish health authorities strongly advised that you socially distance yourself in public places, particularly indoors, and avoid unnecessary social interaction. Furthermore, they encourage that you avoid crowds on public transport by either avoiding rush hour or using alternative modes of transportation such as walking, biking, or driving. If you cannot avoid rush hour it is recommended to wear a face mask.

Much to the relief of many students, universities and other places of higher education will continue as usual. However, they have been advised to take measures to avoid large gatherings and crowding.

While dining out will still be possible, similar guidelines affect the service industry; restaurants are to limit the number of visitors dining simultaneously and rearrange furnishings to create more space between tables. Furthermore, they are to mark out the distance that guests should keep from one another on the floor and if necessary, use alternative solutions to queues, like implementing a take-a-number queue system.

Finally, in terms of any student jobs, employers have been advised to accommodate employees who are getting vaccinated by implementing a flexible schedule. They should also inform employees of the importance of staying home if they feel unwell and make it possible for employees to socially distance from each other, for instance during meetings, in the break room, and changing rooms. Once again, large indoor gatherings are to be avoided and employees will be allowed to work from home if their work so permits.

These new recommendations come in the wake of rising Covid cases to minimize the number of new infections. The Swedish health authorities continue to stress the importance of vaccinations and staying at home and testing yourself if you have symptoms as the most relevant recommendations.