Attempted knife attack undocumented by the police

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The police in Lund are left in the dark when a report goes amiss. An investigation is to determine if any mistake has occurred.

An attempted knife attack occurred on Saturday the third of September, about 11 AM, near the LU Accommodation building Eddan in Östra Linero, Lund. The attacker was an adult male, who got off his bicycle to attack a passing jogger.

A witness states that she was on her way home when she saw the attempted assault. She claims that the man cycled past her and several others to target the jogger.

The witness and several others nearby, including the jogger, fled the scene without any injuries.

After the attack, at 11.39, the witness called 112, SOS Alarm, and described what happened. According to her call history, she was on the phone with them and, later, the Swedish police for a total of seven minutes.

SOS Alarm confirms that they received a call that matches the description of the attempted assault at 11.39 and transferred it after 50 seconds. Following procedure, they transmitted the call to the southern police department in Sweden, which coordinates all police in the counties of Skåne, Blekinge, Kalmar and Kronoberg.

But when Lundagård contacted the police in Lund back in September fourth as well as the regional department the following day, they found no documentation of the call, and no police investigation had been initiated due to the lack of documentation.

“This is the weirdest thing I have heard of”, said Joakim Nyberg, press contact for the police in Lund, back in September. He was surprised that he had not heard of the knife attack after the weekend. 

According to the southern police department, an operator could have decided that it was too late to arrive at the scene or that there was a lack of information, which would explain the lack of immediate action from the police. But, whatever the operator’s decision, the call should have been documented.

An investigation has been initiated to determine if the operator “didn’t do his or her job”, says chief prosecutor Joakim Zander, regarding the lack of documentation in this case. This menas that the investigators are mapping what instructions and education the operator may have had, and will compare it with how this call was handled.

With the use of the recorded call as well as interviews with the operator he will determine if any wrongs were committed. Zander refuses to comment how long this will take. 

Following the attack, the witness feels unsafe to walk home alone. “I did not think this could happen in Sweden.”

“I take another route. It’s what I do when this happens in my home country”, she says.

The cycling road (the green road on the map) between Dalbyvägen and Björn Järnsidas gränd is where the attempted knife attack allegedly happened.

If you have any information about the event, contact Lundagård at