11 December: Nour Hassaan

- in Julkalender, Julkalendern 2023

Lundagård is counting down the days until Christmas. On December 11, we say hello to Nour Hassaan who is not very good at gift giving.

Name: Nour Hassaan
Age: 22
Home country: Egypt
Studies: Biomedicine

Do you celebrate Christmas?

– No.

Do you have any other traditions that you celebrate this time of year?

– No, not really. I celebrate Eid and Eid comes at different times of the year so at some point it’s going to happen now, but not this year. 

How do you celebrate Eid?

– There are two Eids. One is after Ramadan. So basically you celebrate that you can eat again. You don’t have to fast anymore. You bake a lot of stuff, you wear your nicest clothes and you go out. You’re just trying to spend time with family outside.

What do you think of Christmas?

– It’s kind of cozy I think. There are lots of traditions which are really nice and I just join along to be honest. I like the traditional Christmas dinners and I like the Lucia concerts. They’re kinda creepy but kinda cool. I have to say though, it’s very expensive to be a part of Christmas, having to buy gifts for everyone. And I suck at gift giving, so it’s a struggle.