12 december: Belinda Rönni

- in Julkalender, Julkalendern 2023

Lundagård is counting down the days until Christmas. On December 12, we say hello to Belinda Rönni who thinks the Finnish version of Donald Duck is insufferable.

Name: Belinda Rönni
Age: 21
Home country: Namibia and Finland
Studies: Biomedicine

How old were you when you realized Santa Claus wasn’t real?

– I was eight years old.

Do you remember what happened?

– Yes, my brother and I stayed up in the living room. We decided to take turns sleeping and we had a TV show on to keep the other one awake. We both fell asleep at one point but then my great aunt that was visiting from Finland at the time came in. I woke up when I heard some sounds and I saw her putting presents under the tree. 

What emotions did you feel at that point?

– I think it was betrayal!

Lastly, fuck-marry-kill with Santa Claus, Jiminy Cricket and Donald Duck.

– Kill Donald Duck, I’m sorry. In Finnish comics, Aku Ankka, he is just insufferable so I would have to kill him. The cricket guy is very nice but I would get annoyed with him so I probably wouldn’t marry him. So fuck him and marry Santa Claus.