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Foreigners with an expiration date

Krönika/Studentliv Krönikor
”They took the welcome rug away from under me.” Lundagård’s new international columnist, Catalina Ordoñez Valenzuela from Colombia, writes about the ambiguity of the Swedish hospitality, and about ...
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Making it viral

His love for medicine and music has turned the Swedish doctor, Henrik Widegren, into a social media sensation. Dr. Widegren, otorhinolaryngologist and phoniatrician, has dedicated his last years ...
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Lund students call for immediate actions

Coronavirus no longer needs an introduction. Its worldwide impact is evident in most countries, affecting economic and health systems. Many governments have taken measurements to minimize the number ...
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Solar4Schools: innovation changing schools in Kenya

Changing the history of schools in Kenya was the inspiration for Wenjing Yang, a graduate of the Program in Innovation and Spatial Dynamics at Lund University, to create ...
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Challenges for new learning platform

Canvas, the new learning system for Lund students, has begun its implementation stage in various faculties. While this change promises good results, there are still problems to address. ...
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How to get a job in Sweden as an international student

Getting a job as an international student might seem like a challenge. Lundagård’s reporter Catalina Ordoñez went to Framtidsmässan, one of the biggest labour market fairs within public ...
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