The Pinnacle of European Travel

- in Nyheter


Has any city in the world been more serenaded through song and film than the sublime City of Lights?

Probably not, which is why I’ll avoid describing Paris’ familiar monuments, like the L’ouvre and that big tower thing.

Strolling down the boulevard–baguette in hand–I was struck by the number of cafés and bakeries permeating the city. One way to experience Paris might just be to follow one’s nose. You’ll probably get lost, but you’ll be lost with a stomach full of heavenly croissants.

Another striking feature is the people. The Paris we see in film is soothing and romantic, giving us the impression that this city prefers life at a leisurely pace. Movie characters often walk by famous landmarks which are barely occupied, suggesting that anyone can have Paris all to themselves.

Au contraire, as the French would say, reality says otherwise.

Navigating through crowds like a migrating salmon is more likely than the meditative strolls which the movie characters enjoy. American cities may be notorious for their traffic, but driving through Parisian streets demands a ruthlessness all of its own.

Everyone is seeking the romantic Paris experience at the same time, and so you must be prepared to share it.

But by no means feel discouraged from visiting. Paris does not disappoint in delivering what it’s famous for. The cuisine, whether gourmet cuts of meat or a homey crepe, is delicious enough to be downright tear-inducing.

On the topic of food, I encountered for the first time a fascinating meal concept: quality frozen food. Not nasty stuff loaded with preservatives, but frozen gourmet meals prepared in an environmentally-sound way. The idea is a little challenging to wrap your head around, but it makes sense. It is affordable frozen food which accommodates the working husband and wife, without inspiring guilt with its unhealthiness. I think I’ve got a new business plan…

Getting back on track, Paris seems to have anything that a traveling group of friends would want to do for any occasion. Paris is enormous, but the speedy and timely metro system is so well dispersed through the city that it makes the area seem quite small. There is also a 50 percent chance you will be serenaded by an accordian-wielding musician on any given ride.

Beware, however, of getting lost in the labyrinths of the subway tunnels. My friends and I had difficulty just trying to find the exit on multiple occasions.

But hey, that’s adventure for you!