Lundakarnevalen 2018 Releases Mobile App for ‘Karnevalist’ Registration

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The Karneval releases app to speed up registration, but will volunteers attend Uppropet if they can sign up online?

Lundakarnevalen’s ”Uppropet” event is infamous for the attendance it generates. Translated from Swedish, Uppropet means ‘role call,’ and the event is just that. Students interested in volunteering for the Karneval attend the event, meet the different guilds they could be part of, and sign up to become Karnevalists according to their skills, previous experience, and their desired roles.

In the past, the event has generated such high interest that students camped out overnight to be among the first in line. Much of that interest might have been due to the fact that one can only purchase tickets for the big party Karneveljen at the Uppropet event, but others were interested in signing up for the various events they could take part in.

An App to Make Registration Easier

The app, launched yesterday on Wednesday by the Karneval, is not the first of its kind; there was one in 2014 that Karnevalists could use to access information about volunteer opportunities, but this is the first time they have launched an app to help with registration. Lundagård spoke to Linn Karlsson, Vice Head of AdministerIT to find out.

the queue might not take as long once we opened the doors

This is Linn Karlsson’s second time taking part in Karneval, and she hopes that the app will make registration faster and easier during the Uppropet event. She explained that they hope that turnout will be as high as it has been in the past, but that “the process will be quicker inside of AF and therefore the queue might not take as long once we opened the doors.” Tickets for this year’s Karneveljen are still only for sale during the Uppropet event.

According to Linn Karlsson, previous Uppropet events were burdened by the time it took to register Karnevalists on paper. She hopes that the move to digital registration will make the line move faster since volunteers will have registered their personal information beforehand. Students without a Swedish phone carrier or smartphone can sign up online, and those who are unable to attend the event can even designate a friend to attend the event in their place as a proxy. There will also still be a desk to register by paper if a student cannot register online.

Linn Karlsson also mentioned that those who attend the event instead of only registering online are noted by the different guilds as priority volunteers for the positions they want to fill.

Uppropet takes place this Sunday, February 4th at noon, but many expect to start waiting in line as early as the night before. The Karnevalist 2018 app will continue to be used for additional purposes throughout the spring, though Linn Karlsson could not confirm what additional features will be rolled out in later updates.

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