Political Satire, Imaginary Worlds and Fun

- in Nyheter

In a sunny Lund, the Carnival parade took place this Saturday. It is one of the main events organized during Lundakarnevalen and it is one of the most visited attractions.

One of the spots where to see the parade was the Public Library. People of all the ages gathered around, waiting for the show, curious to see and cheer the results of many days of work.

“It is my second time at Lundakarnevalen and I think it is going to be fun. I am looking forward to see the wagons of this edition” says Emily Eriksson, 27.

Emily Eriksson. Photo: Johanna Glansén.

Among the audience there are also those who have experienced the culture of Lundakarnevalen since early childhood.

“My father was in the Carnival Committee of ´78. I was born and raised in this tradition” says Eva Björling, 24

The parade started  and soon the cheer of the audience and the music of the orchestra filled the air.  Two common features came up at the parade: the first one was the use of the pink and purple colors in the wagons and customs, which are the key-colors of Lundakarnevalen.

The second one is the political satire: from national to international politics, from environmental to social issues, every wagon had something to say to the audience in a funny way.  The most creative one represented a comparison between the current American reality and an imaginary happy world without Donald Trump.

Eva Björling Photo: Johanna Glansén.

“My favorite one was the Vagina Team. I think it was very political and educational, because the wagon was addressing the law about sexual consent that Swedish government is about to implement” says Eva Björling.

One of the best decorated wagon was the Hippie one: the truck was covered by paintings referring to historical or cinematographic characters, such as Marie Antoinette and Darth Vader, who were imagined to support peace and love around the world.

The parade embodied the Imaginal theme of this Lundakarnevalen in different ways and the audience was entertained from start to finish by the wagons dancers and orchestras.