Break in at international student housing

- in In English, Nyheter

Last Friday night, three international students at the Bautastenen apartment complex in Gunnesbo fell victim to a burgler who “was looking for a party”. 

Three laptops, a drone and a backpack was stolen by a man who opened the doors to see if anyone was home. If someone was there, the burglar claimed he was looking for a party, Sydsvenskan reports. 

Lundagård has spoken to a student, who wants to be anonymous, who fell victim to the break in. He had spent the night at a neighbours going away party some doors down, and didn’t think it necessary to lock the door. He lost his laptop and a backpack.

“First thing I noticed was that some of my things were moved. That was the first warning sign” he says. 

The student believes it was a coordinated break in. The neighbour’s dinner party had been announced a couple of days before in a shared Whatsapp group, giving anyone with access to the chat an opportunity to plan the attack. “We didn’t check if everyone in the group chat lived there. The link was available to everyone online. That was the problem”. 

Out of the seven to eight doors the burglar opened, three were open and empty. “I think the guy took a chance and tried to open every door, he got lucky in a sense”. 

The break in is now reported to the police, who suspects a man between 30 – 35 years old, 170 cm tall with a beard, Sydsvenskan reports.