LU ranked as 40th most international university

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Lund University has been ranked as the fortieth most international university in the world and the most international university in Sweden by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, placing it above institutions such as Harvard and Uppsala University.

According to Times Higher Education’s website, the ranking is a composite measure of the “international student score, international staff score, international co-authorship score and international reputation metrics collected for the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021”.

Lund University’s Vice Chancellor Erik Renström is jubilant and celebrates the news. “It’s very encouraging to see that Lund University is recognized as the most international university in Sweden.” LU is “on track to be one of the foremost international higher education institutions in the world”, he writes in an email to Lundagård.

Internationalisation has been one of Lund University’s “top priorities” for many years, he continues. “It is essential to us to keep a large international student body”. The University believes that recruitment of students from all over the world is “imperative for the quality of our education and research”, he writes.

Times Higher Education goes on to state that Lund University is amongst institutions that “have a high proportion of international students and staff, collaborate on research with scholars from across the world, and have a strong global reputation to match.” Furthermore, the ranking writes that “research suggests that diverse communities of students improve the teaching and learning experience, while opportunities for students to spend time abroad better prepare them to become global citizens.”

“We are proud to have over 140 nationalities on campus and a thriving global community where 60 per cent of the students in our Master’s programmes are international and 40 per cent in our PhD programmes”, concludes the University’s Vice Chancellor in the email.

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Ondrej Gomola was one of Lundagård's writers and columnists 2020-2022.