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An unusual Arrival Day

In English Nyheter
In a normal year about 600 exchange students arrive in Lund at the start of the spring term. Due to covid-19, border issues and unwelcoming weather conditions, yesterday ...
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“I regret coming here”

In English Nyheter
The personnummer forms the backbone of life in Sweden. Foreigners face a stiff application procedure while Swedes are allocated one at birth. Four international students have spoken to ...
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Solidarity from LU in short supply for Belarusian students

In English Internationellt
Belarusian scholars are being restricted and repressed even more than before. Calls for solidarity from their student representatives remain unanswered by Lund University.  Belarus is witnessing an unprecedented ...
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Winter blues – what it is and how to overcome it

Nyheter Studentliv
International student, Ondrej Gomola, has attended the University’s seminar on ’winter blues’ and shares some useful insights on how to combat the seasonal gloominess.  On Tuesday evening, the ...
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The pandemic: a predicament for international and exchange students

As expected, the pandemic has affected the number of incoming and outgoing students to Lund University. But instead of staying home, more are exploring Europe. The ongoing COVID-19 ...
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