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There’s more to southern Sweden than I thought

Column In English Krönikor Kulturkrönika
Stuck in a small town in Småland, culture columnist Ondrej Gomola finds some much needed rest in the untainted wilderness of Sweden.  Summer is long gone now, just ...
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NOVISCH: A short guide on ‘how to Lund’ for exchange students

Novisch Novisch Novischbloggen
Welcome to Sweden! Lundagård’s Ondrej Gomola writes about some of the things that might be good to know for new exchange students in Lund. Many international exchange students ...
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NOVISCH: Nature around Lund & Skåne

Novisch Novisch Novischbloggen Utflykten
The weather for the past several days has not been what you would call ‘toppen’ (Swedish for ‘great’), but that doesn’t remove from the fact that Lund and ...
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When life gives you wheat – make scones

Column In English Krönikor Kulturkrönika
Summer is around the corner. With the warm weather, comes the inevitable question: ”What’s next?”. But don’t worry if you don’t have an answer, it’s totally okay to ...
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Lund’s best meme to be crowned

In English Nyheter Studentliv
Lund Memeversity in collaboration with ESN Lund launches competition to name best international student life meme.  In collaboration with Erasmus Student Network (ESN) Lund, Lund’s Memeversity, a popular ...
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Swedish Migration Agency alters residence permit rules for students

In English News Nyheter
The Swedish Migration Agency, Migrationsverket, has adjusted residence permit rules in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, waiving previous requirements for minimum 50 percent on-campus attendance to grant residence ...
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European countries’ curious customs

Column In English Krönikor Kulturkrönika
From commotion about pastry terminology to various ways of greeting, European countries all have their curious quirks. But that’s a feature, not a bug, says Ondrej Gomola. Anyone ...
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When words fail us

In English Kultur & Nöje Kulturkrönika
Why bother learning another language when everyone speaks English anyway? International student columnist Ondrej Gomola elaborates on the importance of learning a second language–as it offers a window ...
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Face masks smother social pressure

Column Corona In English Kulturkrönika
Face masks have become a part of life during the pandemic. They help protect us and others, and for some people, they provide much-needed mental ease. We have ...
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Scholarship for international students under financial strain

Corona In English Nyheter
Fee-paying international students find themselves under financial strain because of the pandemic. Lund University has launched a “hardship scholarship” to support them, but only 12 percent applied and ...
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