After the Thriller – Right Wing Coalition Likely to Win Election

- in In English, Nyheter, Valet 2022

Yesterday (11th of September) polls in Sweden closed, and the preliminary results are in. As of now, the right wing bloc is in the lead with one mandate, and the far-right Sweden Democrats becomes the second largest party in Sweden.

With just one mandate separating the left- and right wing blocs, the Swedish election of 2022 is still a close one.

Jimmie Åkesson, leader of
the Sweden Democrats.
Photo: Alexandra Roslund

The count went on until Monday at 4am, and according to the preliminary results, the ruling Social Democrats remain the largest party in Sweden with 30,5 percent of the votes. Even so, the right-wing bloc seems to take the lead. Soaring to become the second largest is the far-right Sweden Democrats, who are likely to support a government led by the slightly smaller liberal-conservative Moderate Party.

Given the small margins, the election result will not be finalized until Wednesday when all votes have been counted. If the results remain the same, Moderate Party leader Ulf Kristersson is likely to be the next prime minister of Sweden.