Five places and their Lucia celebration

- in Nyheter

 Today it’s Lucia. It is celebrated all over Sweden. Here are a five places and their Lucia traditions.

In the Royal Capital it is a custom that Grand Hotel invites the remaining Nobel Prize laureates to watch a ’Luciatåg’ 13 December.

The celebration of Lucia has been going on since 1935. In November and December the Lucia makes about 200 visits at different nursing homes, homes for elderly people, hospices, hospitals and companies around Gothenburg.

The Lucia of Malmö is crowned on 13 December and this very day she will be on the run from 5.30 a.m. to midnight. After that she will make around 70 performances during 14 days.

Here the interest in Lucia is huge. From the remaining seven, one was crowned the 23rd Lucia of Helsingborg at the Terrasrapporna.

To appoint the Lucia of ’Sundsvall’ and ’Medelpad’ has been going on since 1932.

 TEXT: Lars Jansson