International students and the job hunting in Lund

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One of the main challenges for international students in Lund is the search for a job or an internship which can help them being more financially independent or practice the skills acquired during their studies.

Students in Lund witness several limitations that especially international students meet. Nathalie Moser, master student in International marketing and brand management, has no problem in highlighting the main job barrier: the language. “It is very hard to find a job here, as the majority of the employers looks for people who can speak in Swedish”, says Nathalie Moser.

“Many opportunities require Swedish, even though the advertisements do not openly say it” Allie Lindo, former master student in Media and Communication Studies, observes. This issue is echoed also by another student: “Job descriptions is always in Swedish, even though the companies are looking for an English native speaker” says Uli Martinez, master student in Entrepeneurship and Innovation.

Other issues regarding job hunting in Lund deal with the high level of experience required to get hired. “There is no mentality for training newcomers. In the end we are trapped in the cycle you need experience for a job, but you need a job to get experience,” says Allie Lindo.

Allie Lindo declares she is frustrated due to the time spent for applications and also for the feeling that her time in Lund could be over. As she is a not-European citizen and she needs a work permit in order to keep living here.

“In Lund it is impossible to find something coherent with your studying path. I had to move to Stockholm to do my internship” says Erika Haxhi, master student in Welfare policies and Management.

“The companies or the public-sector offer internships which do not match my Geography degree. You have to sneak in, to find alternative options if you want to apply for something” says Jana Almstedt, master student in Human Geography.

For international students, Allie Lindo has some advice: “Public networks are pointless. It is through the private network that people get hired. I give you an advice: take every opportunity to meet other people, to create your own network. Keep your name fresh in their mind, it will help to have more chances to get a job” Allie Lindo says.