Ukrainian University signs Exchange Agreement with LU

- in News, Nyheter

Lund University (LU) has signed a new agreement to allow up to fifty Ukrainian students to come to Lund. LU cites the ongoing war as the reason for the agreement.

In a press release yesterday (19th of April), LU announces that it has signed an agreement with the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (KNU). The agreement allows a higher number of Ukrainian exchange students to come to LU from KNU for their studies.

Kristina Eneroth, Pro Vice-Chancellor of LU, says in the press release that the deal allows the students from Ukraine to feel a greater sense of security: “An exchange agreement allows comfort for students and the uiversity since it gives a counterpart to report back to.”

Kristina Eneroth states that there are ten Ukrainian students at LU already, and that the university has allowed for these students to stay in Lund. Incoming students as well as those already in Lund will also be offered scholarships, according to the agreement.

In total, LU now has 500 000 euros to spend on the Ukrainian exchange students.

Five students from KNU have already started their studies in Lund as a result of the agreement, and 45 more can be allowed to come to LU as part of KNU’s exchange programme.