Hungry in a hurry? – Lundagård reviews the Karneval’s Mystery mobiles

Ready for a snack just in the middle of a concert? But where to go when it is not the big hunger hitting you yet? Lundagård is happy to give some advice so that you will not waste your time in the wrong queue.


Quite close to the big stage, this little truck seems fit when you do not want to be too far away from the music. But be careful not to get lost in the Bermuda triangle when figuring out whether you are in the mood for a classic bacon and cheese, a Mexican style spicy bite or the Vietnamese style surprise. Unfortunately, the cheese sauce was out of stock when Lundagård visited – but for the affordable price of 45 SEK, the other dishes became victims of the taste test.

While the fries themselves are well flavoured, the condiments make all the difference. Optically all options are worthwhile, yet the Vietnamese style “Flying Fries” are the best-balanced option. However, the dip sauces available to buy on the side are highly redundant.

It should be said that the portions are more than sufficient and will fuel you well enough for your way out of the Bermuda triangle.

Lundagård tries out the food at Bermuda triangeln.
Photo: Isak Aho Nyman.

Looks: 4/5 – however, depending on the different dishes

Taste: a strong 3/5

Price-Performance-Ratio: 4/5 

Flat Earth

Are you tired of the earth? Then you should stop by the out of this world food truck area next to Domkyrkan. 

Just as flat earthers could be considered as not very nuanced in their arguments, the food offered here is not very original. While visually pleasing, the consumer is not getting what they are expecting. There is not really a twist to the two bowls served – for 55 SEK you get “Spanish” rice, beans, and guacamole in both cases. The only difference is that one includes pico de gallo and the other tofu and mango salsa.

But if you need a solid, healthy snack, you can definitely do nothing wrong with grabbing one of the two bowls.

Also, if you are in a rush, the lines in front of this little stand are normally not occupied by too many “round-earthers”.

Two bowls served at Flat earth.
Photo: Isak Aho Nyman.

Looks: 4/5 – fresh and colourful!

Taste: 2/5 – nothing wrong with the taste, just a little bit dull.

Price-Performance-Ratio: 3/5

Area 51

Area 51’s menu chart invites you to storm it right away. And the base flavour palette is so absolutely delicious that Lundagård could not find a clear winner out of the three offered dishes. 

However, the looks are not as striking as they could be, expecting a bun, one is a bit disappointed looking at the black bread resembling a shoe sole. This open bao on the one hand gives the opportunity to top with fresh crunchy vegetables, but on the other hand does not give the steamy texture one is hoping for.

Bao buns from Area 51.
Photo: Alexandra Roslund

Looks: 2/5 

Taste: 3/5 – delicious toppings but disappointing bun

Price-Performance-Ratio: 2/5 – for 55 SEK we expected a larger quantity for these street-food-like dishes.


Continuing on the spacey theme, the fourth food truck is called Månlandningen, and offers two hamburger-like dishes for the price of 55 kronor. Served on a soft brioche-bread, either pulled pork or pulled jackfruit is topped with coleslaw and pickled red onion. Might be just what you need after landing on the moon.

Smokey pulled pork/jackfruit in
brioche bun from Månlandningen.
Photo: Alexandra Roslund

However, the Lundagård taste-test-panel would have liked some sort of side-dish and preferably something crunchy to compensate for the mushy consistency of the meat respectively the jackfruit.

Looks: 3/5 – what else to expect from a “burger”?

Taste: 4/5 – great taste compensates for the mushiness.

Price-Performance-Ratio: 3/5