5 psychological studies of Christmas

- in Nyheter

So this is Christmas, for food and mind…

1. Christmas decoration brings greater sociability.

Home exterior has an impact on sociability. A research study has indicated that residents with the presence of their homes’ Christmas decorations were identified as more friendly and cohesive neighbors by strangers.

2. Christmas shopping for others promotes higher happiness than for ourselves.

In present experiment, participants who were randomly assigned to purchase gifts for others experienced greater happiness than those assigned to spend money for themselves.

3. Christmas “hallucinatory” was experienced.

32 % of participants claimed that they heard Bing Crosby’s White Christmas without this record actually being presented. This study implied that hallucinatory reports reflect a non-specific preference for odd-items than internal experiences.

4. Combination of Christmas music and Christmas aroma increases retail setting.

Ambient scent and music creates more motivated shopping environment for consumers. Research presented that consumers’ evaluations are more favorable when the Christmas scent is in the presence of Christmas music, while with non-Christmas music, the evaluations were lower.

5. Business commitment causes Christmas procrastination.

Some people go for Christmas shopping right before Christmas Eve. For the procrastination of this real-world task, study showed, that many procrastinators refer to situational attributes, such as work, business commitment and weather, while some others claim personal defects.