DECEMBER 5: Þóra Kristín Karlsdóttir

- in Julkalender, Julkalender 2021

NAME: Þóra Kristín Karlsdóttir,
AGE: 23
FROM: Iceland
STUDIES: Masters in astro physics

Lundagård meets one of all of Lund’s students every day until Christmas eve. On the fifth day of December we have Þóra Kristín Karlsdóttir, an astrophysics masters student from Iceland. Hi Þóra!

What is something you have done that you felt was “typically you”?

If someone asks me ”how are you” I always say ”delightful!”. It is one of the words I use most. My friends said that when I die, it will be written on my tombstone, “delightful”.

What is your favourite part of Christmas?

The food! In Iceland, we usually have lamb. My mum makes caramelized potatoes with lamb and sauce. She also makes desserts like creamy rice pudding. You boil rice, milk, and cream, cool it down and put thick caramel topping on. It’s delicious!

When did you stop believing in Santa Claus?

I think I stopped believing in them when I was 11 or 12 because my mum decided it was enough. We actually have a different system [in Iceland]. We have 13 Santa Clauses, and they come 13 nights before Christmas. You get a present every night. The presents are usually small gifts, like a fancy pencil. But if you are bad, then you get a potato.

What was the best Christmas gift you ever received?

When I was younger, I got a Nintendo Wii. I’ve also gotten a laptop, which was really thoughtful. I also once got a letter promising me a trip to Spain. I’d say those are my top three.

What is your best story from 2021?

Moving here to live and study! My social life just lifted, and we’ve been doing lots of things here in the department, I became the president of ALVAwhich is the astronomy club. The master students were quite a tight friend group, I live with like 12 other foreigners, and we do lots of things together. It was like a really good in-between that I got away from home, trying something new, but stayed in a culture that I know and feel secure.