DECEMBER 6: Ari Egler Beyeler

- in Julkalender, Julkalender 2021

NAME: Ari Egler Beyeler
AGE: 23
FROM: Oakland, California
STUDIES: First year master in Welfare Policies and Management

On the sixth day of Lundagård’s advent calendar we meet Ari Egler Beyeler, a 23 year old Welfare Policies and Management-master student from Oakland, California. A ”fantastic bullshitter” who’s worst Christmas gift was pretty nice, but with less than optimal circumstances. 

If you didn’t have the major you have, what would you study?

I would study how to be a brewer, so the process of brewing beer!

What’s your hidden talent?

I’m a fantastic bullshitter. I’m not sure if that’s hidden…

How would you describe the color red to someone who’s colorblind?

Hot? Walk in from a snowy storm and it’s really warm inside the building, you take everything off and you feel really good. Then you get normalized to it but there is that one moment where it is the heat of the fire. There is an intensity to it like a competition between siblings, there is love to it but it’s also violent. 

Which is the worst Christmas song?

All I want for Christmas, or any Frank Sinatra Christmas song, It’s like every old white person in the states over 70 non stop over and over again, it’s the same album. He did them once and never again.

Which is the worst Christmas gift you ever received?

I got a Christmas gift that wasn’t anything. It was a homemade ticket. It said “Ticket to go for an adventure for two”, quite cute. But I was breaking up with her that day. That was a horrible time. We were out for coffee, and she was like “let me give your Christmas gift early” I was like “can’t accept this” Probably not the worst gift but definitely the worst situation.